Rapid Production

machineE-Grow now has 20 3-axis CNC machines and continues on researching technology for improvements. Because all the moulds are milled from the wax digitally and then recycled E-Grow has the capacity to do not just rapid prototyping, but rapid production. This enables us to take on larger and more complex projects in a shorter amount of time than any other company.

Swiss-Re 150th Anniversary Exhibition

swiss-re-testing2_sq-300x300For it’s 150th Anniversary Swiss-Re will be exhibiting “Open Minds.” At the center of the exhibition are three giant GRP heads with programmable LED content. The heads were fabricated by E-Grow and are currently being fitted and tested with the LEDs in Germany. Swiss-Re has released a video of the final stages of production (see below). The exhibit opens in Zurich this August and will travel world-wide.

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E-Grow featured in MARK Magazine

mark_publications_sq-300x300E-Grow was featured in vol. 38 of MARK Magazine. Featuring a diaglogue between Jerry Ku, Julian Wang and Bert de Muynck the article focuses on E-Grow’s waste-free wax mold process and the future of digital design. This issue also includes an interview on DavidClovers and features several of their projects fabricated by E-Grow.

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Greg Lynn Visits E-Grow Factory

Greg Lynn flew to Shanghai for two days just to visit E-Grow’s factory. Known as one of the primary theorists on the impact of the computer on architecture Lynn was impressed by E-Grow’s ability to take complex digital geometry and make it affordable for architects. We look forward to future collaborations.

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Opening Night: Guangzhou Opera House

meeting_zaha_sqThe Guangzhou Opera House is officially open. E-Grow had the honor of being the only fabricator invited to the opening party. While many other parts of the Opera had difficulties with fabrication and are already starting to wear, the concert hall done by E-Grow has been completed without any flaws. Here E-Grow president Jerry Ku shares a moment with Zaha Hadid, opening night.

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