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Sustainable E-Grow invented the RWM(Recyclable Wax Mould) system for our composite production line and it got patented.  And before that, all companies in this field use foam or mdf as mould materials. The benefits of using wax are almost no wastage (0.5 percent lost after recycled) , no creating pollution to the world, and largely reduced the carbon footprint of transporting raw materials. This system is right now the best affordable method for fabricating one to one product and E-Grow will continue to look for possible improvements.

LEEED E-grow strives for leadership in social as well as environmental responsibility, we go beyond the spirit of LEED (Leadership in energy environmental design), and we add economical into the LEEED (Leadership in energy environmental economical design). Our green agenda helps reduce the waste and pollution of moulds due to fabrication of non repetitive one to one mould- a result of parametric designs. Other mould materials often release toxic substances when dumped into landfill and are not recyclable and reusable. Our dust free fabrication methods with wax not only provides a clean environment without air-bone particles during production process but also good for the environment at large and offers value to our customers in terms of precision, speed and price.