DSC_0267Design Before founding E-Grow, Jerry Ku, was a partner in his own architecture firm. Most of our staff also comes from a design or engineering background and we take pride in understanding our client’s design priorities. To move from design to reality we use CAD programs and translate the shape into tooling path. By working on cutting-edge projects for over a decade we have gained experience in building free-form geometry that few other companies can match.

Fabrication Our factory’s consistent level of quality has been recognized with an ISO 9001 Certification. We maintain a standard operating procedure that few other Glass-fiber composite manufacturers can match. Only with ISO certification can be guarantee of a product’s final quality

In this fast moving world, E-Grow now has twenty 3-axis CNC machines to deliver our products with great accuracy and unbelievable speed. What we provide is not just rapid protoyping, but rapid production.



Engineering and Installation E-Grow has its own engineering department with extensive experience in cladding engineering, suspended ceilings and quality installation even at large scales. Our engineers have decades of experience with cladding systems of all kinds and have worked on both conventional and ground-breaking designs.