Overview E is our brand product produced in E-grow’s factory using many of our own invented technologies and services. GRP stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer. E-GRP is a compostie material consists of polymer with alternating layers of chopped strand fiber-glass mat. Fiber-glass gives E-GRP high compression strength and flexure strength, making it possible to produce pieces that are very thin and light.

E-GRP sometimes is also called FRP and has very wide application, such as the shape of medical equipments, public entertainment facilities, car parts, and other industrial products. It can be molded into an almost unlimited range of shapes and textures. It is possible to sand it to an ultra-fine and smooth surface which can apply high glossy finish.

Application E-GRP can be used in almost anywhere but some might require fire-resistant resin. It can be used in furniture, sculpture, both indoor and outdoor cladding.

Features E-GRP can either be with foam core or panel-like. Normally, E-Grow produces the core of E-GRP furniture using high density PU to ensure a good milling surface. Then our GRP experts carefully apply glass-fiber polymer onto the surface, with many steps of sanding and patching to create ultra-smooth surface. E-GRP can also be panel-like.  This method is mainly used for indoor and outdoor claddings. E-Grow also has adapted using vacumn infusion method to create sandwich architecture panels (front and back layers are GRP, the core are high density foam), which is usutally used to create wind turbines, for high structural purpose.