Overview E is our brand product produced in E-grow’s factory using many of our own invented technologies and services. GRG stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. E-GRG is a compostie material consists of ultra-fine crystalline alpha gypsum with alternating layers of chopped strand fiber-glass mat. Fiber-glass gives E-GRG high compression strength and flexure strength, making it possible to produce pieces that are very thin and light. It can be molded into an almost unlimited range of shapes and textures. It is possible to produce an extremely smooth surface which is conducive to various spray-paints and finishes.

Application E-GRG can be used in a wide-variety of applications. It is frequently used in ceilings and interior cladding for its good acoustic properties and easy maintenance. It  has low water absrption rate and easily to clean. Because of its stability E-GRG can be used to stabilize indoor humidity and is environmentally friendly. Its high strength, stability and fire resistance have been taken advantage of for decades on industrial projects. E-GRG has also been frequently used to mold replacements in building restorations.

Features It has high strength, impact resistance, its thermal expansion coefficient is small so allows large seamless surface effect. Flexibility: E-GRG has great flexibility, it can be made into various sizes, shapes and design style, easy to use, also can be used in complex ceiling and cladding decoration. Normally the product is around 6 to 8mm (special requirements can be thick) so it is quite light.