About E-Grow

Overview E-Grow International(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. focuses on bringing world’s advanced building materials and providing leading edge solutions to the most challenging projects. Our clients include some of the most recognized international architects, contractors, and owners. We are aware of today’s trend in order to serving the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive sales network and sourcing capabilities keep us keen to our markets. This approach has also led to several materials-based innovations and patents.

Mission  We shall provide the world’s most advanced building materials and leading edge solutions.

Vision To create dreams, and reaching them.

Tongji (18)Education E-Grow loves to share our knowledge on materials and technology so we are constantly giving tours to students, sponsoring events and studios and being involved with schools. Some of our recent involvement has included:
-Sci-ARC Material Beyond Materials conference sponsor
-Tonji/USC digitalFutures Conference guest lecture
-Tonji/USC digitalFutures Workshop fabrication sponsor, exhibitor
-Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennale fabrication sponsor
-Parametric Prototypes Exhibition fabrication sponsor