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We create new possibilities with technology and materials. We’re in pursuit of architecture, we detail it well and we build it beautifully. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world that keeps its spirit alive. Our goal is to redefine facades, furniture and interiors. How they look, how they are made, how they impact the environment.

Discover Ductal®- an innovative UHPC solution​

Whether you’re building the next iconic museum or stadium for your city or designing efficient, affordable, modern and aesthetic housing, offices or storefronts, Ductal® offers the right combination of form and function to make sure your project is a success. Choose between custom-made shapes, colors and textures for breathtaking façades, roofs or latticework, or opt for our standardized rainscreen cladding solution for the perfect mix of beautiful mineral design and the competitive pricing you need.


The right solution for your project

Its compressive strength, flexural strength and durability exceed all other high-performance concretes. Create thinner sections and longer spans that are lighter, more graceful and innovative in geometry and form. You can lighten the overall weight of structures with thinner form factors, requiring little or no passive reinforcement for most applications. Your projects gain improved durability and impermeability against corrosion, abrasion and impact.

Unlike regular concrete, Ductal®’s unique structure gives the added benefit of ductility. The combination of the cement matrix with metal or organic fibers creates an efficient balance between compressive and tensile resistance. Ductal® progressively absorbs the energy applied and efficiently disperses it throughout the structure. This means that a Ductal® element can support some deflection while allowing minor, tolerated cracking, making it suitable for even the most ambitious construction projects.

More than anything, Ductal® is known for its durability – its resistance to ageing and aggressive environments. Its denser matrix, free of defects at the macro and micro level, allows Ductal® to resist environmental wear longer than other concretes. With its extremely low permeability, water and abrasive elements are unable to penetrate the concrete matrix. This also offers excellent defense against the harmful effects of the freeze/thaw cycle and exposure to seawater, sulfates, weak acids and carbonation. In roofing solutions, waterproofing is essential and Ductal® offers the assurance of a water-tight mix.

In terms of aesthetics, Ductal® is a designer’s dream! Elegant forms that were previously too complex are now achievable. We have worked hard to produce specific molding systems to assist your architectural work. Ductal® can blend with different materials or differentiate from them, making it the perfect companion in a complementary system. It can be used to decorate facades and surfaces, or for aesthetic, resistant solutions in a range of environments. Its surface appearance can also be altered to produce a wide variety of colors and finishes – from mineral concrete to stone, leather, crocodile, lace or even Lego®!


Sustainability is essential to modern construction. With its team of experts, Ductal® offers solutions addressing the demand for efficient and sustainable construction. Its unique structure improves environmental performance and overall resistance to contribute positively to life-cycle analysis costs.

All of these Ductal® advantages translate to reductions in global construction costs, formworks, labor and maintenance. You’ll also gain improved site construction safety, speed of construction and longer building lifespan.

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